Cool wav sounds

This siren whistle sound is often used as a comical cartoon sound effect where something is sent flying through the Sampled while twisting various parameter knobs. All our sounds are recorded using industry standard professional recorders and microphones and we and our contributors take time and care editing them in the studio. Impact sound effects stone, wood, glass, metal, plastic and more. Cinematic Drum Impact 1 - Martin Laflamme.

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Low Whoosh - tuttkile. SFX Stingers sound effects.

Water sound effects brooks, rivers, ocean, bubbles, drips, boiling, sprays and more. Chime Shimmer sound effects.

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This site also offers other free resources for electronic and techno musicians. Weapons and Ordnance sound effects guns, bullets, bombs, combat, swords, fireworks. Kitchen and bar sound effects cooking, appliances, drinks, pouring and more. Click here for info and to donate and upgrade.

Lego person, figure, single footstep 5 Leisure Toys https: Water Splash FX 03 - Darksparcs. A recording of a walk on a gravel path.

Click on the sound categories below to explore and hear the sounds. Fairy Dust Twinkle - Craig Dodge.

Horror and Halloween witches, zombies, ghouls, ghosts, haunted houses. Ping 1 - SFXsource.

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Your sound is ready to download soundz. Consider upgrading to Gold and get: Beep 08 - Sound Jay. Dream Harp 02 - Sound Jay.

A synthesised sound to emulate being correct in refrence to a video game. Comedy monologues, jokes, slams, put-downs. Please consider donating and upgrading for unlimited downloads, get the orginal WAV files, removal of the attribution requirement and more.

Nature sound effects fire, weather, earthquakes, wind, etc. Notification Tone sound effects.

Mechanical sound effects appliances, machinery. Soknds Bip Bop - Strapko Recorders. Past selections are archived alphabetically. Crowds interior, exterior, country-specific, cheers, screams, sports, stores, malls wqv more. Action sound effects fighting, body damage and more.

Ringtone sound effects novelty tones, wacky tones, silly tones, blingtones and more. Content includes hip hop samples, as well as drum sounds, guitar sounds, orchestra sounds, loops and more. The sound files here are suitable for many applications, including cartoon animations, Flash files, hover buttons, phone ringtones, record mixing, talking E-mails, Web site background music, and more.

Lego person, figure, single footstep 1 Leisure Toys https: There was a thick fog Lego person, figure, running footsteps 1 Leisure Toys https:

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