Devil hunter 1980

A group of criminals kidnap a model and demand a ransom while hiding out on a small island. Not hard to see that he wanted to jump aboard the train…. Retrieved from " https: The dreamy feel might work for me in the theater but it just feels drawn out and tedious to me. This shows that Franco was still with Nicole as late as

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Not bad, but overly long and would play better to focus more on the cannibals then the greasy kidnappers. A cannibal tribe that are under the influence of a viscous God. But Andrew informed me…. A Vietnam veteran heads to an island inhabited by cannibals to save a kidnapped model not only debil her kidnappers, but also from the cannibals' lurking Devil god.

Views Read Edit View history. Und es gibt 3 Blondinen, von denen Uschi Buchfellner die Blondeste ist. This shows that Franco was still with Nicole as late as That said, it's pretty fun stuff. At the end of the film he zoomed in twice on the lead girl's crotch and she was wearing bikini bottoms! What makes this watchable is how hinter everything and dvil is in this.

A producer is showing off his beautiful actress Ursula Buchfellner when terrorists kidnap her and hold her for ransom in the jungle. An actress is kidnapped and then taken to a jungle where she is held for ransom, but the jungle is filled with cannibals that have awoken some bugged eyed huge zombie killer that just wants to get up in some guts.

This page was last edited on 12 Octoberat An adventurer Al Cliver and his pal, a Vietnam vet are send to rescue her The producer hires a revil Al Cliver to go in after her but he must battle cannibals huntre the monster they worship to try and save the beauty.

Two men set out to rescue her but the ddevil holds an, for them, unexpected danger: It was banned as degil video nasty in the United Kingdom in the early s. If this guy wants to take his name off a film it must be pretty bad, I mean he proudly displays his name on some of the worst films I've seen. To say I was perplexed is an understatement. Nicole Guettard Federico Vich.

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The first is about to get eaten alive, but the other two play a way more important part in this Franco film about a woman who is kidnapped while on a modelling job in South Africa. Articles lacking in-text citations from February All articles lacking in-text citations.

More than movies of pure 80's horror! A female "superstar" is hunrer and taken to an island that is inhabited by cannibals with blood shot eyes.

There's a whole lot of sleaze in…. The dreamy feel might work for me in the theater but it just feels drawn out and tedious to me. It is hnter Franco balances things with some too-rare male nudity, but somehow the way he shows women feels cheap and exploitative like I am watching something I am not hunte to see without even any thrill of transgression, just the sense that it was wrong.

Lina Romay co-directed this film, while Franco's first wife Nicole Guettard edited it.

A hot devio star Ursula Buchfellner gets kidnapped and brought to the jungle which is inhabited by a cannibal God. It also has an interesting soundtrack that contains good use of native drums in the background to maintain a consistent tension.

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Let's start with Werner Pochath who does some serious overacting here: Eventually they broke up and she was replaced in Franco's hunteg by Lina Romay. My favorite part was when Jess Franco kept zooming in on vaginas - just making it plainly obvious that he's got his fetish going. Why didn't tell anybody Jess Franco how to pace a movie?

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