The PixiMaths problem solving booklets workeheets aimed at “crossover” marks questions that will be on both higher and foundation so will be accessed by most students.

A superb document listing 90 problems which have been categorised by difficulty, approach and topic, which has the aim of providing a key stage 3 problem solving worksheets that enables teachers to prepare students for open, less structured problems.

The Liverpool Mathematical Key stage 3 problem solving worksheets have produced a CDRom which comprises mathematics puzzles designed workzheets pupils from top juniors to upper sixth form arranged in ten boxes of 25 puzzles. Booklet 2 – Level 5. Problems suitable for a Maths Fair – Galileo Educational. Problem Solving with Ratio and Proportion. Great for starters or homework challenges. Problem-centered solvihg creates a model where the student becomes the thinker and is engaged in a self-directed search for solutions.

Completing the Square part 1. Primary Maths Hokey Cokey Document showing the changes to the national curriculum for mathematics in primary.

Engaging students in problem-centered learning will allow students to see connections wkrksheets and between content areas. The levels correspond very roughly to key stage 3 problem solving worksheets new GCSE grades.


Origami Santa Diagrammatical instructions for creating an origami Santa Claus. The full version, with resources, assessments, activities, teacher support materials and much more will be available inside the Complete Mathematics platform.

An excellent guide to problem solving – Click here “if it is problem solving you are interested in I think we can help. Includes accompanying teacher notes. Brackets – Expanding and pgoblem.

Primary Resources: Maths: Solving Problems: Word and Real Life Problems

Require students to pose and regulate their own problem solving using these resources from Inquiry Maths – Click here. I’ve used them this year for two out of four lessons each week, then used Numeracy Ninjas as starters for the other two lessons.

Free printable KS3 maths work sheets questions organised according to level to print off key stage 3 problem solving worksheets use freely Section 2: Booklet 4 – Level 6. Click here for more details. Booklet 5 – Level 7.

Mathslearn – Free Printable KS3 Maths worksheets and resources

Area – Composite Shapes. There are some intersting though-provoking problems at Open Middle. The problems begin with the easiest and become more difficult as you progress through probblem PowerPoint.


Key stage 3 problem solving worksheets – mixed part 2. Mathematical Problem Solving Strategies: The Problem Solving Booklet We are delighted to provide this free resource, absolutely jam-packed with mathematical problems for all age and ability ranges. Equation Solving – fractions. Error Bound – further.

As a starting point you could try stealing worksherts from our Problej Cameos – Click here You will find over 60 investigations here which can be used either for a pair of students – photos in each cameo show you that form – or as a whole class investigation.

Quadratics – solving by factorising.

Surds – simplify and multiply. Quadratics – solving with the formula.