It is emerging as a big name in this field. Unemployment is high, prices have increased immensely, and our external debt is threatening to place us in a debt trap. After the attainment of that aim, Mahatma Gandhi proposed dissolution of the Congress, but it was shot down.

The huge increase in population has practically neutralised gains. Kaviraj analyses the elections in which the right-wing BJP won a majority.

In the United States, for example, there are two parties — Democratic and Republican — between whom power alternates. There is a crisis of character.

Essay on India After Independence

It was a pioneer in development planning, led by Jawaharlal Nehru, one of the most admired figures of the 20th century. The country started by poeple migrating to it. Even the group of Marxists is divided into several parties.

A living society continually changes in response to developments in the natural and social environment, and also through the behavior of its members. When India became independent, it became a union with the merger oon several princely states that had a special relationship with British India, but it also lost some of its territory and a sizeable population.

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It is the only country in Asia that has remained democratic ever since it attained its independence from British rule. Let us briefly tehn the major changes in Indian polity that have occurred since Prices are rising at an alarming rate.


Corruption at all levels has compounded matters. It was developed by the scientists of ISRO. Industrial growth declined to around 3 per cent per annum, oon growth rate fell to about 2 per cent, and India was faced with frequent balance of payments crises.

There is no communal harmony.

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The map will essay on india now and then help in the study of moon. The resettlement of the refugees that came from the then Western and Eastern wings of Pakistan changed the demography and affected the economy of the places where they were rehabilitated. While this grouping is based on sectarian considerations, it is called secular. It marked the opening of new horizons for India. In addition to fundamental rights, the Constitution made special provisions for the oppressed castes and tribes by listing them in a Schedule and thus designating them as scheduled castes SCs and scheduled tribes STs.

Essay on India after Independence

The actually existing political structure has departed from the ideal as perceived by the founding fathers of our Constitution. And people mostly group and talk among one another with their own religion. Most important was the fact that our country retained the name India that is Bharat.

New wells, in the country undia on the high seas, are being sunk in order to produce more petrol and gas and save valuable foreign essay on india now and then. Now India offers telecommunication services to other countries. As their first contact was with traders, not directly with the state, the rajahs, badshahs and nawabs saw the British as partners and allies rather than as a threat.


But this independence came with undia partition of the country. These people now mainly inhabit places in Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Maharashtra. He examines the field of these ideas to see what they have meant to their various audiences, how they have been used or enacted, and whether they have the capacity for framing a proper understanding of India.

These non-political organizations lent their support to the Bharatiya Jan Essay on india now and then in the early days of independence, and later to its successor, the Bharatiya Janata Party BJP. Scientific and technological research too has progressed.