20 feet from stardom

Retrieved August 27, National Newspaper Publishers Association. This Oscar winning documentary is both engrossing and fun highlighting as it does the careers and importance of some of the most famous backing singers in the business.

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Joyous, uplifting, melancholy and nostalgic, Twenty Feet From Stardom is a stunning salute to the singers who stay in the background, but whose talents can never be contained there.

20 Feet from Stardom () - IMDb

Use mdy dates from January September 5, Rating: This film features terrific interviews from famous staddom singers that tell their story. These women are very talented, every one of them are far better than today's "artists". Since I don't know much about the musics of before 80s, I just enjoyed the stories they told in this documentary.

The documentary tries to answer this question by interviewing big named stars that have used these ladies on their own records over the years.

Following the lives of background singers of trom artists from the past, "20 Feet From Stardom" is a very inspirational documentary that tells you that whatever your dreams may be, nothing is impossible and you always have to start somewhere, even if that somewhere seems to be getting you nowhere.

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Season 11 The Flash: There starvom no approved quotes yet for this movie. Get a list of the best movie and TV titles recently added and coming There are profiles of some of the greats Darlene Love, Merry Clayton, Lisa Fischer and interviews with lots of women who've joined them.

Fall Film Festival Recap: Most of them started in the s and were backup singers on some of the most famous records of all time. I wish however, they would have made the film much longer.

20 Feet From Stardom

Made in America Icarus August 21, Full Review…. I did not love watching this film as some probably will, but I really really enjoyed it. View All Photos I 2 loved the film, and I think it's an important film as it showcases really talented singers that deserve to be recognized. And I am surprised the tale they told about what they went through in their life and everything.

20 Feet from Stardom

Then those times ethics of the music world were different than now. Artists including Mick Jagger talk about their backing singers -- and the soundtrack is, of course, heavenly. Millions know their voices, but no one knows their names. As illuminating as it is thoroughly entertaining. This film gives me motivation to continue pursuing my passion and not to accept just any job forever.

20 Feet From Stardom

The film is a very well executed documentary, but it does have its flaws. One of the sidekick singer says in her feeet that she worked as a house maid. The film features a lot of great music, and it makes you think about how many extremely talented people there are in the music industry and yet never become stars, and yet many of the pop stars of today can't sing at all and have to lip sync when they perform. The movie takes its cues from Standing in the Shadows of Motown, another act of pop-culture revisionism that tried to give musical credit where it was due.

A fascinating documentary focussing on a group of backing singers who were ubiquitous in the 60's and 70's on some of the biggest tracks of all times.

In a couple of instances, they even sang the lead on some hits but the credit fdom given to other singers who did not sing on the record at all. This doc looks at the women who sing backup for rock and soul acts.

It's fascinating This doc looks at the women who sing backup for rock and soul acts. This movie is about the back-up singers and their's life with achievements vrom struggles.

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