Dj club mixes 2011

Explicit HipHop Mix Summer I am trying my motherfucking best to make threads that gets us talking or mixes that people might like. In , we saw the cultivation of a new breed of American DJs, seeking competition with legends from the nordic region of the world. Clean Party ClubPlay Pt. Clean Christmas Party Mix.

Adobe flash player for g1 android

Android has re-revolutionized the smart phone with its multitasking capabilities and open source sdk. I would KILL for this. This is why Flash and any other programming language has to be debugged over and over again. Are you simple minded? It was way back in when we first saw Flash demoed on a G1 so there is no telling when the much delayed browser plugin will actually make an appearance.

Games for tablet

This is not like Deus Ex's console counterparts, this has been built ground up for mobile, so don't expect the same number of options to approach situations. This is a tower defense game with a fantasy theme where you must build towers and deploy heroes to defend against hoards of bad guys. It's also one of the better tablet games out there. In a land where time wasters get boring very quickly, this one seems to just keep going.