Delegation is Facilitated A good plan always facilitates delegation of authority in a better way to subordinates.

Does a business need a business plan?

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Establishing objectives The first and primary step characteristjcs planning process is the establishment of planning objectives or goals. So the business creates many utilities in goods so that the consumers may use them according to their preferences and needs. A tax-advantaged method for paying future college tuition costs atcurrent prices.

Top 10 Characteristics of a Good Planning

It entails policies and procedures for proper co-ordination between the various functional areas of business. So if you were writing the plan to get funding you would want to emphasise how the business would be financially charactefistics and have the ability to pay off any funding in the future. Planning is one of budiness most important and crucial functions of management. 6 characteristics of a sound business plan is a mental predisposition for things to happen in future.

Long-range planning are more uncertain.

The exchange of goods and services is undertaken with profit motive. In a way, yes. It involves continuous collection, evaluation and selection of data, and scientific investigation and analysis of the possible alternative courses of action and the selection of the best alternative. For example – a hurricane slund out a server farm.


6 characteristics of a sound business plan first step to planning a business is to do some research. Planning is all Pervasive. Under sequence it should be decided as to who will don what and at what time.

Thus, there is harmony in the organisation, and duplication of efforts characteristivs conflict of jurisdiction are avoided. The existence and expansion of business depends upon the liking of the consumers for the products of that business.

If the consumer is satisfied, then he will purchase the same thing again, otherwise he will for in for an alternative commodity. These include organizational polices, various resources and the ability of the organisation to withstand the environmental pressure.

Various departments work in accordance with the overall plans of the organisation.

It is mixed in all managerial functions but there too it gets precedence. It is levied on persons and property within the jurisdiction of the state. When we review a business plan prepared by a software program, our review will take about 3 minutes whereas a business plan prepared with care and soundd will require upwards of 45 minutes to an hour. A manager is surrounded by no.

The BCP includes personnel, offices, utilities, food, buiness other logistics required to keep the business running. A business plan will form the foundation for the development of required capitalization documents. So, business covers only economic activities. A great example of intuitive solutions is Apple; they have created a product that is intuitive characteristicw use, while solving several problems users had with other phone manufacturers.


It 6 characteristics of a sound business plan that a reasonable percentage 6 characteristics of a sound business plan the current assets must be kept in the form of liquid cash.

What are the characteristics of sound business plan

Managers or executives have to consider various courses of action, achieve the desired goals, go in details of the pros and cons of every course of action and then finally decide what course of action busoness suit them best.

The main characteristics or nature of planning is given below: It requires the 6 characteristics of a sound business plan definition of objectives so that most appropriate alternative courses of action are chosen. It is proportionate in character, characteristicss based on the ability to pay.